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Science of Things Spiritual: The Crop Circle Enigma with Greg Bishop

The Crop Circle Enigma, with Greg Bishop, Author of Project Beta and It Defies Language
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Aug 14, 2020, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT
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Science of Things Spiritual: A online symposium in 4 parts

By Shannon Taggart

Friday, August 14, 1pm EST

The Crop Circle Enigma, with Greg Bishop, Author of Project Beta and It Defies Language

Beginning with formations in southern England over 40 years ago, the modern crop circle mystery has since developed into an international phenomenon. While a debate still rages over the source of these wondrous images etched into lush green fields, the fact is that most were created by humans. However, this revelation does not diminish their enigma. Circle makers—while merely pressing down on plants using boards, ropes, and surveying equipment—have reported strange lights happening as they worked, such as whizzing orbs and a phenomena known as ‘flashbulb in the face.’  These ‘hoaxes’ have had effects on visitors that include synchronicity, altered states of consciousness, and other numinous experiences. In this illustrated presentation, researcher Greg Bishop explores the history of circular formations going back centuries. Topics of discussion will include crop circle reports from WWII pilots, questions concerning their proximity to ancient Druidic stones, and how crop circles connect with perception and the belief in extraterrestrials.

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