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Spiritual Healing - Specific Focus on the Patient

Learn about spiritual healing and how to ensure the patient gets the maximum benefit of the healing process with Viven Perumal.
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Spiritual Healing - Specific Focus on the Patient

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May 29, 2021, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

About the Event

The module focuses on Spiritual Healing and how to ensure the patient gets the maximum benefit of the healing process. On many occasions patients are on a journey that they may not understand their circumstances and the spiritual lessons to be learnt from a physical condition. In this workshop you will learn about: 

  • Techniques on helping the patient to be involved in the healing process; 
  • Removing mental and emotional blockages so that the patient learns to connect; 
  • The healers approach to the patient to ensure a successful healing takes place; 
  • How to help the patient upflight in vibration and why is this important. 

Background: The Spiritual Healing that is practiced in the sanctuary has been taught by highly evolved Spirit Guides, Doctors and Surgeons, since 1966 in our mother sanctuary, the White Chapel. The module in Spiritual Healing and Psychic Surgery, one understands the importance of maintaining a focused mind at a high consciousness by working with the Healing Guides and Doctors using the Healing colors and God Consciousness. Healing is required for spiritual development of an individual and application of this healing modality is the key. Service to man is service to God.

Viven Perumal of Ballito, South Africa, has been a seeker of true Spirituality for over 40 years. Viven is the leader for The White Chapel, established in 1966 by MBE Bill and Norah Currer, which set the foundation for the manifestation of miraculous healings and spirit teachings. He has conducted  many international, national, and local spiritual courses, workshops, and talks, to promote the White Chapel Teachings. He has traveled the USA, Canada, and is a frequent teacher at Lily Dale, NY. The White Chapel provides training programs, seminars, meditation circles, daily physical healings, regressions, possessions, long distance healings, and counseling. Viven asserts that all wisdom and healing are derived from Spirit, for the Spirit, through the Spirit. 

Viven’s childhood upbringing included being mentored in the ways and teachings of the Siddhas of India with the Sat Guru of his  paternal home being Lord Shiva. Along his spiritual path Viven has met and been initiated in Kriya Yoga by the Great Grandson of Lahiri Mahasaya. He honors this initiation into Kriya Yoga as offering him an impactful personal experience and alignment with the Way of the masters in this lineage. Later in his life, Viven was guided to The White Chapel Sanctuary. VIven accepted the mentorship of MBE Bill and Norah Currer as well as some members. Under their tutelage, Viven became present to miraculous healings conducted and taught by the Spirit Doctors. Spiritual teachings were delivered in deep trance through the sanctuary teachers and healers. More than 800 communications between the Masters and Doctors and the Sanctuary were recorded and transcribed to text. They are now archived in The White Chapel library maintained by Viven. The Spiritual Hierarchy continues to deliver lessons, teachings, prayers through Viven as he ongoingly commits himself as a devotee on his Spiritual Path. 

Viven invites you to invest in your personal spiritual development using the words and works memorialized in the White Chapel teachings formulated and transmitted to him by higher spirit guides. The classes produced and the Journey of the Soul Workshop (along with personal consultations) provide tools and resources to each of you to open your minds to a higher consciousness, ultimately to become one with the God Mind. Viven provides practical applications of the lessons and healing techniques so that your conscious mind evolves moving you to a level of divine awareness. This experience equips you to reach out to Spirit to remove physical, mental, and, emotional blocks.

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