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Sun, Jun 16


Lily Dale

Pre-Season Conference: METAPHYSICAL MEDLEY

Pre-Season Conference: METAPHYSICAL MEDLEY
Pre-Season Conference: METAPHYSICAL MEDLEY

Time & Location

Jun 16, 2024, 7:00 PM – Jun 20, 2024, 7:00 PM

Lily Dale, Lily Dale, NY 14718, USA

About the Event

Pre-Season Conference


Exploring Mental and Physical Mediumship and Its Phenomena


Susan Barnes, CSNU, Patricia Best, Lisa Klee, Anthony Mikolojesk

With Special Guests Julie Adreani & Mychael Shane

Conference Fee: $500

Opening Event: Sunday Night Introductions & Thought Exchange with spoon bending and table tipping.


Discover the magic of communicating with the Spiritual World. Through-out Spiritualism’s history, mediums have worked alone or with the aid of many different devices and objects from pendulums to flowers. Come experience aspects of mediumship from intuition to physical phenomena. In four days, workshops will be provided on topics ranging from psychometry to transfiguration and physical mediumship. This is a time to explore your mediumship and discover your secret talents. Come and join a special group of people that will support your spiritual growth. Students will have an opportunity to experience every workshop and demonstration.

Preliminary Program*

Day One: Intuition

Workshops: Divination Tools, Past Lives, Aura Work

Evening Event: Tea Readings, Flower Readings & Ribbon Readings

1. Divination Tools: A variety of tools used throughout Spiritualisms rich history will be provided along with the history of its use. Participants will then have an opportunity to work with each of the tools to see which one(s) work best for them.

2. Past Life Exploration: Many of us have feelings and visions of past life experiences.  Past life memories can influence our lives today.  This workshop will explore past lives from a personal perspective.

3. Aura Work: In this session, participants will learn about colors and auras and how to use that information with their intuition for evidential psychic readings.

4. Tea and Flower Readings: Everyone loves a good tea party and the best ones come with the opportunity to learn about the messages contained in the bottom of the tea cup! A demonstration of Tea Readings and Flower Readings will be held during this event.

Day Two: Mediumship

Workshops: Meet Your Guides, Mediumship, Connecting with Spirit

Evening Event: Platform Mediumship Demonstration

1. Meet Your Guides: Life does not come with a user’s manual, but it does come with Guides. In this workshop we will discuss some of the guides available to assist in mediumship development and how to connect with them. Participants will then have the opportunity to connect and work with at least one of their Guides.

2. Intro to Mediumship: This session will focus on the foundations of mediumship as the essential base for giving inspiring messages.

3. Connecting with Spirit: Here we will focus on learning to tell the difference between a person’s imagination and genuine communication with Spirit through lecture and exercises.

4. Platform Mediumship Demonstration: Participants will have the opportunity to see all that they have learned throughout the day put into practice during an evening demonstration of platform mediumship.

Day Three: Trance

Workshops: Evidential Mediumship, Trance Healing, Spirit Photography

Evening Event: Trance Demonstration

1. Evidential Mediumship: When mediums are connected to the spirit world they are in a slightly altered state to communicate evidential messages. Evidential mediumship skills will be explored.

2. Trance Healing: Here we will explore the different levels of trance, connecting with a healing guide and practice healing in trance with that guide.

3. Spirit Photography: A history of Spirit Photography will be presented, then participants will have an opportunity to take photographs themselves to try to capture Spirit in a photo.

4. Trance Demonstration: Participants will have the opportunity to see the possibilities of trance and transfiguration during an evening demonstration.

Day Four: Physical

Workshops: automatic writing (Planchettes & Slates), Intro to Cabinet, Energy Work

Evening Event: Spoon Bending & Table Tipping

1. Automatic Writing: A history of automatic writing will be presented, and participants

will use the skills learned in previous sessions to explore automatic writing.

2. Introduction to Cabinet: A history of the Fox sisters and cabinet work will be presented,

and participants will have an opportunity to sit in a cabinet to bring for evidential

mediumship messages for other class participants.

3. Energy Work and Transfiguration: The key to all mediumship mental and physical is how the medium works with energy. This workshop will explore how we can build our personal energy to better reach the spirit world and how spirit demonstrates the presence of spiritual energies.

4. Physical Mediumship Demonstration: Mychael Shane and Julie Adreani will demonstrate physical mediumship with billet readings and apports.

Outside: Additional Outside Physical Séance opportunity available on Friday with Mychael Shane & Julie Adreani.

*Schedule subject to change.

The Maplewood is available for booking separately.


  • Pre-Season Conference: Metaphy




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