Sat, Sep 11 | Andrew Jackson Davis Lyceum

The Chakras, Kundalini, & Mediumship - Day 2

Join Judith Rochester in a class that will help you awakened the higher states of consciousness of the seer, saint, and mystic within yourself. Day 2: Enhance Your Mediumship with New Life.
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The Chakras, Kundalini, & Mediumship - Day 2

Time & Location

Sep 11, 2021, 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM EDT
Andrew Jackson Davis Lyceum, 457 East St, Lily Dale, NY 14752, USA

About the Event

Hours of the Workshop: Friday: 7:00 – 10:00pm, Saturday: 9:30am – 12:30pm, Sunday: 1:30 – 4:30pm

According to ancient teaching, there is a dormant power within us all that can be awakened to bring about the higher states of consciousness of the seer, saint, and mystic. It also accounts for the creative genius of the great musicians, artists, and poets as well as the brilliance of the renowned scientists, philosophers, and thinkers throughout the ages. Even the gifts of leaders, social reformers, and humanitarians of historical acclaim have been attributed to this energy. In today’s world, enlightenment need not be considered the prerogative of a select few. Everyone can find their way to these higher reaches of the heart, mind, and spirit.

In this workshop, you will learn how to begin to awaken this dormant power in you. Using this ancient teaching, you will discover the supernal nature of your higher self, your mediumship, and your path of illumination and oneness with Infinite Spirit.

Friday: Key to Your Higher Self  

*Learn about the ancient system of the chakras and kundalini, and its significance for you today. 

*Experience the benefits of a gentle kundalini meditation. 

*Attune to each chakra to discover an aspect of your soul; embrace the spiritual power of your higher self and use it to help another. 

*Meet your Spirit Master Teacher in your Sacred Place to understand the purpose of this learning for your soul and your mediumship.

Saturday: Enhance Your Mediumship with New Life  

*Examine the kinds of gifts attributed to the awakening of the kundalini in past and modern accounts. 

*Cleanse your chakras in a deep kundalini meditation; experience the gift of each center and realize the origin of your gifts of mediumship.  

*Guided by Spirit, use your gifts to perceive the spiritual presences and energies in another’s chakras. 

*Open your chakra system as an instrument for your Spirit Master Teacher who helps you to refine your mediumship, envision the Spirit World through their perception, and be entranced by their presence.

Sunday: Your Path to Enlightenment and Oneness 

*Be inspired by the experiences of the enlightened. 

*In a kundalini meditation with a focus on the heart chakra, experience your heightened capacity for loving service and its power to overcome the pitfalls of the spiritual journey. 

*Discover the evolutionary power of the soul, in the crown chakra, for goodness and greatness. 

*Let your Spirit Master Teacher draw up your kundalini and open your chakras to a higher plane where you experience a state of illumination and are gifted anew. 

*Close with prayers for peace in yourselves and the world.

Presenter’s Bio:

Rev. Judith Rochester Ph.D. was a researcher and writer for the Kundalini Research Institute of Canada that was headed by Pandit Gopi Krishna, an enlightened teacher who wrote Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man based on his awakening, and a dozen other books that are authoritative sources on the subject.

With a doctorate in philosophy, Judith has been a teacher all her life and has given classes on mediumship in Lily Dale for twenty years. An experience of opening to the higher planes of life that initiated contact with Spirit Intelligences over thirty-five years ago has inspired Judith to help others learn from within through communication with their own Spirit Guides and Teachers. Dr. Rochester is an ordained Spiritualist minister with The Church of the Living Spirit, a retired registered medium, healer, and speaker.

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