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In these uncertain times there is a yearning for spiritual meaning and direction in life. Maggie is a spiritual medium and healer from Lily Dale, New York, �the World�s Largest Community for the Religion of Spiritualism.� Throughout Maggie�s journey she has been given wondrous visions of ascended masters, angels, guides, and saints. These glorious visions remain etched in her soul. Her spiritual journey has opened her eyes, ears, and heart to the wonders of Spirit, the universe, natural law, and synchronicity. Her spirit writings are often referred to as inspirational, automatic, or channeled writings. In a period of just over one year Maggie was compelled to spontaneously produce these writings that materialized as her fingers touched the keyboard. She had no forethought or concept of what was being typed. She was stunned to see what had been written. The dates on some of the writings have significance as they correlate to miraculous events. That discovery will be left to the reader. Maggie feels that a new age of awakening is dawning and that we all have a part to play. She is anxious to share her messages from Spirit so that everyone will find peace and realize the love that the Creator has for all of us. Perhaps you will become aware of �A Whisper in Your Ear.�

A Whisper In My Ear

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