Angels are Talking is an in-depth look at spirituality from the perspective of a higher state of awareness. Angels and spirit guides that come from a place of non-judgment and love. They give us an unbiased look at modern day society, humanity and religion. Specific instructions are given on ways to improve our life, to improve our relationship with God and to receive personal guidance from the Heavens.Angels are Talking goes beyond what happens when we die. More importantly, Michelle Whitedove gives us the explanation of how to live life through illuminating lessons that teach us that we are masters of our destiny and co-creators with God. As a spirit inhabiting a human body, we learn what is really important about this earthly journey. Our perception of problems and heartaches are seen differently when viewed from the vantage point of an Angel. This book answers the bigger questions: why are we born into this world? For what purpose? What do we do between lifetimes?

Angels Are Talking