Bitter and Sweet, A Family�s Journey with Cancer, is a true story that unfolded in the lives of Tim and Darcy. In their forties, Tim and Darcy lived a pretty typical American life- working, raising a family, tending to their home, having too much to do and not enough time to do it. Without warning, Tim was suddenly diagnosed with Stage IV Gallbladder Cancer. Bitter and Sweet is about the journey they chose to take, making their saga public. They utilized a website called CaringBridge to update friends and family of the day to day changes, as well as letting them know how they could help. These entries became the foundation of the book. It was the most difficult five months of their lives, but also the most tender and miraculous time as well. Join them as they try to manage their roller coaster ride and witness the triumph of the human spirit. While learning to say goodbye, see their marriage transform as they draw closer together, more than they ever thought possible. Seldom will you get this opportunity to experience such raw emotion. This family faces the greatest spiritual challenge ever, holding the most bitter and most sweet experiences at the same time. It is an inspiration for all people, whether they are facing a terminal illness or another difficulty that pushes them to the brink.

Bitter And Sweet