Following the success of Janet Cyford�s book, The Ring of Chairs, a Story of a Spirit trained Medium which deals with the development of Mediumship, and the formation of a home or church circle she presents her new book, Conversations with a Medium. This book is a compilation of newsletters written between 2000 and 2016, published articles, and feedback from her clients. Names are withheld, but initials are placed at the end of each Question, Quote, Reply, or Comment. To avoid confusion her own initials JC follow her replies. Chapters inspired by Spirit, include advice on personal development, grief, absent healing, crisis and tragedies, and many other subjects. The format is arranged A. to Z. Janet Cyford is a traditional British Spiritualist Medium, trained in the Spiritualist Movement of Great Britain, she has worked as a Medium since her early twenties. Using a sane and sensible approach through Private Sessions, Mediumship Development Groups and Seminars she has provided countless people with evidence of the survival of the Soul, and established a method for passing on the spiritual truths gleaned from a lifetime of experience. Her first book, The Ring of Chairs was written in cooperation with Spirit in an effort to guide those seeking Mediumship and Spiritual Unfoldment in the safety of the Development Group Circle. Website Follow her on Facebook, Google, and Linked.

Conversations With A Medium