Ama-Deus� is a method of energy healing that has been preserved for thousands of years by a tribe of Guarani in South America. Alberto Costa Aguas, a renowned energy healer from Brazil, returned to his native country of Brazil from several years in exile abroad to soon find himself working to help preserve the ancient wisdom the Guarani offered to share. Both the Guarani and Alberto believe that Love is in all healing. This is a story of the Guarani, who for thousands of years held on to this knowledge until the time came to share with the world how to heal with love. This is a story of Alberto Aguas, who risked his life to preserve this ancient wisdom. And this is a story of the author's personal experience with this ancient wisdom. In an act of reciprocity, Ama-Deus was the Guarani way of sharing through Alberto their call to action with the world, in hope to circle the world in Love-to teach and share love, to maintain the mbroy, the harmony, for all life.

Cosmos Ama-Deus