From Foreword by Irene Vouvalides (Board Member � Helping Parents Heal) : "The amazing stories of validation that Jake Samoyedny has witnessed in his gift of mediumship will show how connecting with loved ones in spirit can transform you and your journey with grief." This project of love from medium Jake Samoyedny walks you through the stories of parents and their children who have passed from this physical world into Spirit. Through a medium's connection these children in spirit, regardless of how they physically passed, provide meaningful evidence in the form of feelings, stories, pictures, sounds, and more, to their families. As the spirit communicators paint their stories back to life for their loved ones, they consistently affirm that the love bond remains between this world and the spirit world. The author also offers some thoughts on grieving and how we can all help those who are grieving. Additional stories of the remarkable connections and communications medium Jake Samoyedny has witnessed between those in spirit and their loved ones on earth provide further validation of this incredible bond of love.

Gatekeeper Of The Invisible Door