Travel across America with psychic-medium Michelle Whitedove, as she shared the visions and conversations she had with ghosts still haunting their favorite places: a beautiful woman, murdered by a jealous lover in the woods behind an elegant lodge; a black slave, hanged for poising her master's family; a hotel-owner's mistress, cruelly chained to a radiator in his private quarters.Ghost Stalker is a psychic's personal journey to some of America's most haunted locations. As an investigator, Michelle Whitedove wanted to demystify the supernatural and answer age-old questions: "Why do ghosts choose to remain earthbound? How do they travel from place to place? Why are they visible to so few people? What kinds of messages are they trying to relay? Are all earthbound souls evil? Why do some ghosts reenact the same scene, night after night? The author is able to answer these questions, because she has the ability to see and directly converse with those souls who live between this world and the next.

Ghost Stalker