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If you�re holding this book, it likely means you or someone you love has had a stroke. Dealing with the onslaught of information about stroke can be confusing and overwhelming. And if you happen to be a stroke survivor with newly impaired language skills, it can be especially hard to comprehend everything your doctors, nurses, and specialists are telling you.This book consists of the top 100 questions that survivors and their families ask, with answers from the top physicians and therapists in the country. The questions start out basic but then get more specific to address different areas of recovery. And, for stroke survivors still struggling with reading comprehension, or for family members who are simply too tired to read long passages, there are Takeaway Pointsat the end of each chapter to help simplify everything.Includes answers to frequently asked questions such as:� What is a stroke, and who is at risk for one?� What is the best diet for a stroke survivor?� How does group therapy compare to individual therapy?� What should a stroke survivor look for in a therapist?� How long will it take to recover, and how can stroke survivors maximize their recovery?� What can someone do to prevent having another stroke?In this book, you�ll gain a wealth of information, inspiration, advice, and support as you navigate your journey through stroke recovery.

Healing The Broken Brain

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