WHEN YOU REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE, YOU FORGET WHO YOU WEREN'T is the harvest of 25 years of teaching and a lifetime of experience. It is an inspired and inspirational book of quotations that will help you to discover who you really ARE and why you are here.

In the late 80's I was blessed with a profound experience of "Embrace" while in meditation which radically changed my life. Since then it was crystal clear to me that I not only wanted to deepen that experience for myself, but also wanted, even more, to help others find it for themselves.

So, as I further integrated the experience within myself, I, also, began to share--as best as I could-- techniques that could help others to have the same experience.

Over the many years I have been teaching Meditation and "How to Develop Your Intuition" my primary focus has been to help others open to this "Embrace." I have recorded a good number of the classes I have taught and, as a result, I have had the opportunity recently to browse through them and transcribe some of what I and my students have felt was worthy of quotation.

I must admit that usually when I teach I have very little idea beforehand of what I am actually going to say. Yes, I "kind of" create an outline of whatever topic I am going to speak on beforehand, but once I get going, I allow myself to follow the flow of "Inspiration" rather than that of "perspiration." In other words, rather than regurgitate a script that I had labored to write out before I started the class, I let the "Muses" take over and allow Inspiration to flow.

I have learned over time how to get "out of my way" when I am teaching and I am often quite pleasantly surprised and inspired by what comes out of my mouth--and so, too, are those who are in the classes.

So, what I share with you in this book are some of these quotes. They are gateways into the depth of your Being. They shift you out of your mind and into your Heart and senses. Thus they help reveal to you who you really Are!

They help you to: "Remember Who You Are and Forget Who You Weren't!"

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