Words of Inspiration gently guides you in discovering the hidden influences that impact your life on a daily basis. This unique method of self-divination features spiritually-based readings, healing intentions, and reflective questions for self-improvement. Whether you are at the beginning of your spiritual awakening, are seeking a fuller and richer meaning to your soul's purpose, or are looking for guided insight into your spiritual-intuitive side, this book will be your constant companion as you progress through the various stages of spiritual development. Used daily, this method of self-healing will assist you in not only recognizing specific life-issues, but also in drawing out the positive aspects of your life's journey, as well as lovingly pointing out habits or attitudes that may need changing in order for you to work toward achieving your life's purpose. A normal deck of playing cards, used in conjunction with this book, is all that you need to begin the process of intuiting a new life for yourself today!

Words Of Inspiration -Todd Jay Leonard