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See what others say about our Registered Mediums

I can not express in words how mind-blown I was with his abilities. From the moment he began speaking, to the last syllable, his messages were BANG ON. His energy is one of warmth and welcoming, and like you are speaking to a lifelong friend, instead of someone you just met. I had the honor of witnessing him deliver messages to multiple people, and we all had the same experience of awe.

An angel in disguise! How do you thank a person who is so selfless and his mission in life is to help people! About 3 months ago, I went through very hurtful period in my life. The pain was caused by no other than a sibling. He opened my eyes about the bad intent my sister had towards me and has been helping me each step of the way. His kind words, positive advice and sincerity are very much appreciated. Most importantly, talking to him is like talking to a close friend. He truly is an angel in disguise.

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