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Inspiration Stump

Inspiration Stump is a sanctuary space found at the end of the calm and quiet trail of the Leolyn Woods. It is not unusual to become more aware of the spiritual energies while in an open and receptive state at the Stump.

Demonstrations of mediumship are presented by the mediums giving short messages to those in the audience, twice a day at no charge. These services have been held here since 1898. 

  Inspiration Stump is an actual tree stump that was being used as long as Spiritualists have been in the area. The tree was struck by lightning, then sawed level, filled and topped with cement. Mediums used the area that is said to be a vortex of spiritual energy since before that occurrence; to practice their mediumship. This area has been used for public displays of mediumship since 1903. 

Our Past

When Lily Dale was founded 140 years ago, it was created as a place unlike any other. Not for being flashy or grand, as much of what is different about Lily Dale is not visible. This is a place people come to renew, to expand, to connect, to explore. Mediumship - talking to the dead - has been an important part of Lily Dale since the very beginning, but what many people don’t know is how much healing has played a role in the creation and evolution of the place. In the early days this included critical social justice movements of the time, in particular women's suffrage, as well as early developments of alternative healing from the laying on of hands to hypnosis.

Lily Dale Today

Today, Lily Dale embraces its rich history of mediumship and healing, has a summer program to share and teach a wide variety of spiritual and wellness topics, and a year-round community that is home to more than 50 professional, registered mediums. We welcome you to explore our fascinating and beautiful little corner of the world, from our old growth forest to one of our cosy bed and breakfasts.

We are also the home of a thriving community of Spiritualists, including groups and committees dedicated to every aspect of running the summer program and year-round activities for residents and visitors alike.

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