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16 Auditorium North Side 1B. See 1A, sam

Open Sweat Lodge Ceremonies

Beginning Sunday, July 2, 2023, at 7:00 am

Scheduled on various dates with different leaders

Meet at Lily Dale beach (rain or shine)

First Come, First Served – No Registration required

Sign-up begins 2 hours BEFORE the scheduled start time. Sign up directly at the lodge area at the beach. No text or e-mail requests allowed.


Lodge ceremony is one way to connect with the Spirit Realms and the Divine. Lily Dale’s lodge is a structure made of saplings bent over to form a small dome high enough to crawl into and sit up inside. Usually, about 22 people are able to squeeze in to form 2 circles around the center. Red-hot rocks from the outside fire are brought into the center "Stone People’s pit." Water is poured onto them, creating a "sacred breath," which helps to center us and pray.


The lodge ceremony can last between one and several hours, depending on the leader and the needs of those attending. No two ceremonies are alike.  Appropriate attire for Lily Dale’s lodges includes shorts and a t-shirt, although some leaders prefer women to choose the more traditional long (below knee) skirt and a t-shirt that covers the elbows. Please bring a towel and a dry change of clothes. No bathing suits please.

Attendance is "first come, first served" for a maximum of 22 participants. We reserve the right to turn away anyone whose presence may be considered disharmonious to the group. If there are enough "latecomers" after the first 22 participants, and there is interest, there may be another lodge about 2 hours after the first one.


There is no fee to participate, though goodwill offerings to defray costs are gratefully appreciated.


Please note: It can get very hot and crowded inside the lodge. Most leaders do not permit women on their “moon-time” (menses) to go inside. Please ask the leader when you arrive. If you have concerns about your ability to withstand the lodge or about the contagiousness of other participants on your health (e.g. HIV, Zika, etc.), please discuss this with your physician before participating. Participation is open, voluntary, and "at your own risk."

Dates and Leaders


Wednesday evening, August 30, (Blue Moon) at 7:00 pm: Teresa

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