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Visit Lily Dale

Summer season 2024 begins on June 21!

Here's a checklist for how to get ready, this year you can do everything right here on our new site.


Check out this year's catalog, browse events on our website, and purchase tickets for your top events


Pay the gate fee for each day you will be on the grounds


Read our FAQs and check out the map below to get familiar with the Dale


Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and/or Twitter for updates


Book a place to stay at one of the many lodging options below


Look through our registered mediums and their websites to see whom you might want to see at a public demonstration or to book a reading


Pack layers, walking shoes, sunscreen and bug repellent - many of our free events are outdoors and we have a variety of beautiful natural places to explore


Once you're home, let us know how your trip was through our feedback form

The Hamlet of Lily Dale

Get a birds' eye view

Click here to see the different types of facilities, venues, and businesses located within the Lily Dale Assembly. Learn more about the center of spiritualism.

Click here to save this to your Google Maps. If you're logged in on your phone you can access this map any time from 'Your Places' in the Google Maps app.


We have a great place to stay for everybody - regardless of interests or budget.

Thank you to our Advertisers!

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