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Opening Day June 21st

10:00 AM – Random
Win $100.00
Full Lottery
WIN $500.00 Lily Dale DOLLARS


October 4th, 2024

October 4th, 2024
And yes, you can win both!
To be spent at any business or service in Lily Dale.
Valid until the end of Season 2025!
$10.00 for 1 chance or $25.00 for 3!


Decide what you want to do - Just give your passcode\gift certificate and enjoy your prize.
Use the dollars for a Reading with a Registered Lily Dale Medium, Hotel, Guest House, Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Store or pay for any session [including off season Zoom] or ??
The only requirement is that it be spent with Lily Dale businesses or Registered Mediums of Lily Dale Assembly by the end of the season 2025- August 31st

How it works:
The first $600.00 is deposited as the prize money.
The balance goes directly from our Process Donation software to LDA’s general funds – most years this fundraiser raises $5000.00 NET.
The winners are notified by phone and email after the random draws.
The winner’s name is announced – so you can check or call the office.
The office is notified to honor the amounts $100.00 – early bird and $500 full]
The office will need to register winners that wish to purchase sessions either in person or via Zoom.  The advertised class fee will be used.
The presenter should be paid with the rest an extra for LD!
As a business, Registered Medium etc. you simply have the “winner” sign – example attached – and the office will pay you the amount requested. – This event was always designed to keep the money in LD as a fundraiser and  to pay our own!     YOU GET PAID.
If you wish to opt out, please email me and I’ll make sure the winners are informed.
In addition, the winner is informed that not all RM’s or businesses may want to participate and that they should check before purchasing.

So, in brief, this is a win, win, win!
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


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