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Wed, Dec 21


via Zoom only

Intelligent Intuition -session 3 with Rev. Sarah Wilkes

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Intelligent Intuition -session 3 with Rev. Sarah Wilkes

Time & Location

Dec 21, 2022, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

via Zoom only

About the Event

Bring more peace into your life, feel more connected to others, create the life of your dreams – this course is for anyone seeking a grounded and informed path to awakening their own intuition with proven techniques to enhance your natural abilities.

Session description: This course is a zoom series; the segments can be taken independently or consecutively as each session builds upon previous content. Each session is 2 hours in length with activities, handouts, and discussion.

  1. Living      the Spiritual Life with the 7 Principles An exploration of the spiritual      life, discussion of the Natural Laws and how they apply to our lives and      the natural world. With a focus on the 7 Principles, we gain a deeper      understanding of how we create our own reality through thought, word and      deed. An ideal introduction for those unfamiliar with the Spiritualist      religion and philosophy. You will have a new appreciation for respecting      and activating the natural laws to powerfully enhance your life.
  2. Conscience,      Intelligence, and Intuition Discover the power of your      conscience; what it is, what forms it and what you can do with it. Learn      about the forms of intelligence; how you learn best and how to use this      knowledge to increase your intuitive abilities. With an introduction to      our extra sensory perceptions and unique abilities as a spiritual being in      a human experience you will come away with a greater awareness of your      unique gifts.
  3. Knowing  and Using your Spiritual Gifts In our 3rd session we begin to      incorporate what we know of our intuitive abilities and apply them in      functional ways. Developing mindsets, utilizing hands-on activities that      increase our skills, and accepting our gifts fearlessly we move into      another level of spiritual expression that brings joy to our everyday      lives. We will learn methods of prayer and meditation that work for us      uniquely, along with attunement and grounding techniques.
  4. Energy      Centers and Healing Learn about the Aura, Chakras,      Meridians and the powerful energy of your body and mind – We all have      unique capacities to work with our healing abilities – this session is      about discovering and working with yours - with a deeper exploration of      the powerful force within we embrace the possibilities and potential for      self-healing and healing others.
  5. Co-creating      with Spirit     Use your spiritual gifts and human talents to work together with the      Universe to create a truly spirited life! We will discuss the methods of      collaboratively constructing abundance, joy, love, peace and happiness in      your life. Have you ever wondered if its magic or luck? Join us for an      exploration of spiritual guidance and manifesting the most beautiful life      you can imagine.
  6. Face      the fear and do it anyway! Giving messages from Spirit This session will not only be      about message work – we will also be discussing these big questions: What      happens when we die? What Do the dead have to teach us? Why do they want      to communicate through us? How does our work as Mediums serve humanity? We      will learn how to see death as an integral sacred aspect of our Human      lives as spiritual Beings having a human experience. We will come to      embrace the gift of Mediumship and take fear out of the equation (ethics      on message work will be discussed as well as how to give and receive      spirit messages.

Presenter Bio: Rev.Sarah is an accredited healer, lecturer and medium ordained with the Spiritualist Church of Canada. She has been a member of the Spiritualist Society of Barrie since its inception and currently serves as a minister, development coordinator and healing coordinator. Sarah has served the dying in hospice care and has had a 35 year career with animals. With a degree in Adult Education focusing on transformational learning, Sarah enjoys teaching others to embrace their spiritual gifts to serve others as spiritual beings having a human experience. Sarah also serves Spirit in her private practice as a medium and healer.

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