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16 Auditorium North Side 1B. See 1A, sam

2024 Children & Teens Week

Sunday, July 21 - Friday, July 25

$15 suggested donation/participant/class

All classes will be at the Lyceum

The Talent Show is in the Auditorium and the Beach Party is at the Lily Dale beach

Sunday, July 21

10:30am: Healing Temple with our Future Healers with Barbara Sanson

Children need to wear closed-toe shoes, black trousers or skirts, with a white top, and be at least 8 years old.


2:30pm: Blessings of the Animals with Joanne Copley Nigro and Destiny 

In this class, everyone will learn how to bless their animals, as well as other animals in a safe loving environment for all.


5:30pm: Yoga with Autumn and Jake

Enjoy this amazing yoga class with sound healing. 

Monday, July 22

10:30am: Empowering Kids with a Self- Healing Energy Workout with Elizabeth Ferrall.


2:30pm: Light of the World and Who You Are! Enjoy the Sound of your Spirit. Tom Cratsley and Phil Colarusso invite the participants to feel the light and sound of being through Joy.

5:00pm: The Joy of Mediumship with the surprising opportunity to be in touch with the spirit world

Tuesday, July 23

10:30am: Healing with Crystals. Yes, we will use crystals to heal Body Mind, and Spirit.

2:30pm: Astrology of Fun. Come learn and understand the stars with you, with Meredith Melvin.

7:00pm: Computers and Spirituality, with Dr Russell Brown.

Wednesday, July 24

10:30am: Home circle, with our Beloved Kindra McCabe and friends.

2:30pm: Down to the stump to deliver messages. Let’s get there a little early, so those from the message service may want to join us.

7:00pm: Beach Party! Laughter and fun at the beach, with a sing-along smores and campfire.

Thursday, July 25

10:30am: Sound Healing with Jake Kennedy. Please bring your own sound to join him.

2:30pm: Children/Teen Service of messages and healing.

6:30pm: Annual Teen Week Talent Show. Please remember, rehearsals are every day at 4 pm with Jake.

Friday, July 26

10:30am: Grand Mother Spider teaches How the Earth came to Be and how We are all Related.

2:30pm: Sweat Lodges at the Beach, with Dr Neal Rzepkowski.

6:30pm: Back to the Stump for Messages.

7:30pm: The magic of Creating Wishes, with Stacy Schuerman Kopchinski and Holly

8:30pm: Celebrations of 20 years of Big Love, with Barry Goldstein and his love and teachings.

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