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The Healing Temple 

We welcome your arrival to the Healing Temple. There is a sacredness to the energy of the Temple that many people feel just walking through the doors. 

Lily Dale Healing Temple


Dedicated to the principles of spiritual healing, the Healing Temple was opened in 1955. It has remained a place of peace for all those who come to renew their energies through healing or quiet meditation and prayer. 

​The Healing Temple is located on East Street across from the museum. It was built by Louis Vosberg after a healing took place by T. J. Kelly, a healer and medium serving at Lily Dale.  


Spiritual Healing

We welcome you to our daily services and invite you to experience the healing energies channeled through any one of the healers who serve at the Temple. Each day of our summer season a meditation service and two spiritual healing services take place here. 

Spiritual healing is a principle of Spiritualism just as mediumship. It is through Infinite Source, God, or Creator that all healing flows. The Healer is a conduit or channel for this healing energy.  

Our visitors may request a laying-on-of-hands or for the healer to work off the body in the energy field. “Laying On Of Hands” is an old art of healing. Many cultures all over the world use this helpful healing technique to direct energy from the God source. 

During the off-season, weekly online Healing Services take place Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm to 8:00pm EST live on the Lily Dale Assembly, Inc. Facebook page and the Lily Dale Healing Temple Facebook page. 

These Healing Services will also be recorded and posted to both Facebook pages. You can visit the Lily Dale Healing Temple's Facebook page here and Lily Dale's Facebook page here

The Lily Dale Spiritualist Church services also take place in the Healing Temple.

Please turn off any recording and/or cell devices. Recordings and photos are taken only upon permission of the Lily Dale Assembly. 

When entering the Temple, we ask that you remain quiet. There are many guests who desire to have quiet spaces before receiving healing. Ushers will help you be seated and healings are offered in the order of your arrival.

In respectfulness of the Temple, our healers and guests, we may ask you to wear a prayer shawl during a healing.

The Temple can accommodate those who may need portable chair assistance. 


The Temple is the only place on the grounds where healing is approved and endorsed by Lily Dale Assembly. It is prohibited to conduct healings in our public buildings or on the grounds of Lily Dale. 

All healers must be approved to serve the Temple, and have received training in spiritual healing as recognized by Spiritualism.

Lily Dale Healing Area for Pets
Lily Dale Healing Temple
Prayer for Spiritual Healing

I ask the Great Unseen Healing Force
To remove all obstructions from my mind and body
And to restore me to perfect health. 

I ask this in all sincerity and honesty
And I will do my part. 

I ask this Great Unseen Healing Force
To help both present and absent ones
Who are in need of help
And to restore them to perfect health. 

I put my trust in the love and power of God.

Suggestions for Receiving a Healing

This is a guide for receiving a spiritual healing. It will help you open your heart and mind to receive beautiful, channeled energy from any one of the healers: 

  1. Please be respectful by remaining quiet prior to and during service. 

  2. When you receive a healing, relax and enjoy the experience. Your awareness can be greater if you relax, place your feet on the floor, hands in your lap, with palms turned upward. Breathe in and out slowly several deep breaths and gently close your eyes. RELAX

  3. The true value of spiritual healing is not always measured immediately, although you may verify and recognize immediate change, healing energies will remain with you indefinitely. ALLOW

  4. There are many healers who serve the Temple. They each have their own unique gifts of healing. If you have any questions, they will be happy to assist you after the service. EXPECT GOOD

  5. Before receiving, ask God’s healing source to remove all obstacles from your path so you may receive. ASK

  6. One healing per service is appropriate. BE PATIENT

  7. Spiritual healing is not a substitute for medical treatment.

  8. You are not expected to discuss your condition or problem with your healer, however, general information could be helpful.

  9. Remember to give thanks for the healing energy brought to you through your healer. GRATITUDE.


The Prayer Ribbon Tree

Each ribbon is a request for spiritual healing, in memory or in honor of loved ones and situations to send healing to.


If you would like to have a prayer ribbon placed on the Healing Tree and the name of an individual added to the healing list please visit our Donate page

Every day we pray for those on our healing list to receive the healing that they so require. 

Lily Dale Healing Tree

Prayer Shawls are available in our online bookstore!

The shawls have been blessed in the Lily Dale Healing Temple and are great for taking that healing energy home! 

The words "Blessed for Healing Lily Dale Healing Temple"

are stitched on the shawls.

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Lily Dale Healing Temple by Joanne Copley Nigro

Photos by Rev. Joanne Copley-Nigro

Love offerings are graciously accepted for the continued restoration and care of the Healing Temple. Donations to the Healing Temple can be made here. This fund is solely for the Healing Temple and has continued to grow from your caring contributions. 

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