Lily Dale's History

The Lily Dale Museum

An 1890 one-room school house is now home to the Lily Dale Museum. The museum is located at the corner of Library Street and East Street across from the Healing Temple.

Experience a walk back in time amid photos, artifacts and memorabilia from the first days of the Spiritualist movement and the founding of Lily Dale. Enjoy a vintage pictorial display of pioneer landmarks of the region. You’ll find a display of items from the Fox family, whose widely witnessed contact with the Spirit world helped fuel the birth of Spiritualism.

The Susan B. Anthony women’s suffrage display has been noted as one of the best in the country. Precipitated Spirit paintings, as well as slates by the famous Bangs sisters and the Campbell brothers, adorn the walls to add to this Victorian building’s atmosphere.

Museum highlights also include an extensive collection of Spiritualist newspapers, magazines and pamphlets that has been acclaimed as the foremost research source of early Spiritualism and its pioneers.

Any donations received will help expand and maintain our Museum and are tax deductible. Checks can be made out to the Lily Dale Assembly Museum.

The Lily Dale Museum

Ron Nagy
(716) 969-4825

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June 26-Sep 6: 11am-4pm, Daily
May 23-June 25: 11am-2pm, Saturdays
Sep 7-Oct 18: 11am-2pm, Saturdays
Other days and hours call for appointment

Marion H. Skidmore Library

Located on Cottage Row, facing the auditorium and Melrose Park, the Marion H. Skidmore Library houses the largest collection of Spiritualist books in the world.


A reading room is available for public use, and we have thousands of rare books and unique titles to choose from. Please be advised that due to the nature of the materials in our collections, the Marion H. Skidmore Library is a non-circulating research library. To schedule a research appointment or for more information, please contact our Librarian.

The Marion H. Skidmore Library

June 26-Sep 6: 10am-4pm, Monday - Saturday
1pm-5pm, Sunday
Other days and hours call for appointment


The Fox Cottage

The Fox Cottage, the birthplace of Modern Spiritualism was purchased by Mr. B.F. Bartlett and moved to Lily Dale as a matter of preservation and a memorial to Spiritualism and the Fox Sisters. The Cottage was taken apart and shipped across Lake Ontario to Buffalo then trucked to Lily Dale where it was reassembled.

Tragically, the cottage burned to the ground in 1955. The ground it sat on in Lily Dale has been turned into a memorial and mediation garden open year round for all visitors.

You can find this peaceful place behind the Forest Temple on East Street.

The Fox Cottage

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