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"Remember this is - and always will be a Spiritual Camp. Hold fast to this truth and say to those who would have it something else...the world is wide...so go your way, we would have no new Gods placed upon the altar.


Spiritualism is enthroned in this camp and outside issues must be kept to their own realm...guests to be entertained but not allowed to monopolize or overthrow the camp."


Marion Skidmore, 1894

On behalf of the Lily Dale Assembly, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our sacred grounds and to the largest Spiritualist community in the world. This is the one hundred and forty first season of bringing hope and renewal to all those who come through our gates. 

Lily Dale is excited to present our new workshop program which covers a wide variety of interesting topics on spirituality, mediumship, healing and a multitude of diverse subject matters pertaining to the metaphysical. 

Lily Dale is honored to be part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment for the right of women to vote. Our town is steeped in the traditions of the suffragist movement.

May you find the guidance, wisdom and knowledge from Spirit as you relax and enjoy the peaceful and harmonious vibrations of Lily Dale. 

Welcome to our community!



Margaret Ferris

President, Lily Dale Assembly

What is Lily Dale Assembly?

We are an international member organization and residential community comprised of persons who practice the faith of Spiritualism. Spiritualism is an active faith guided by a set of principles. This faith is applied through prayer, meditation, healing, and mediumship. We have members from across the globe who can participate and contribute to our organization through education, service, active participation, contemplation, or as donors. Our community and its organization is governed by a set of Bylaws and Rules and Regulations. Lily Dale Assembly members can be residents, volunteers, summer program participants and, as members, have a right to vote at our annual meeting. Our Lily Dale Assembly members are ambassadors of Lily Dale and the religion of Spiritualism within their own communities.

Would You Like to Own a House in Lily Dale?

Lily Dale is a quiet, close-knit community with approximately 169 leaseholds located in a 3-mile walking radius. We are surrounded by 144 acres of “registered old growth forest,” adjacent to the Cassadaga Lakes Region. A resident may walk the woodland trails, kayak, fish or swim at our beach. There are several year round churches, Healing Temple Wednesday night service, working committees, home circles, monthly Sunday Brunch and daily gatherings at our Post Office. Our community is a fun and festive place to dwell in our summer camp season. There are endless possibilities to engage in the active faith of Spiritualism. A resident can be as active or as quiet and serene as you want to be.


Please Note: Purchasing a home in Lily Dale is not a typical real estate transaction. DO NOT make any agreements, verbal or in writing, before obtaining Lily Dale Assembly approval to purchase. Mortgages cannot be obtained to purchase Lily Dale property.


Home Ownership Process

  1. You must be a member in good standing of Lily Dale Assembly. For details on how to become a member, please check the Membership Information Page.

  2. Obtain an application from the Lily Dale Assembly office to purchase a leasehold.

  3. Complete and return the leasehold purchase application with applicable fee to the Lily Dale Assembly office. Your application will then be presented to the Lily Dale Board of Directors for approval.

  4. You may only own two (2) leaseholds at one time. If you should inherit a third leasehold, you must put one up for sale within (30) days.

  5. A homeowner/ leaseholder will be responsible for paying an annual assessment to Lily Dale Assembly and yearly property taxes to the town of Pomfret.

Would You Like to Join the Lily Dale Assembly?

As a member of the largest Spiritualist community in the world you will be a welcomed part of our community. We encourage each member to attend our year-round church and Healing Temple services. You may also want to participate with our many hands-on volunteer committees and community organizations. All are invited to join one of our many development circles. A member may participate in or sponsor a fundraiser to support the organizational endeavor dear to their own heart. There are many opportunities for our members to participate in our summer program. And each member may attend our annual meeting to become more fully informed and cast a vote on current and projected goals for the future of Lily Dale Assembly. The participation of our members is the cornerstone of our foundation.

Membership Process

  1. You must be a member in good standing of a recognized Spiritualist church for one year prior to applying for membership in Lily Dale Assembly.

  2. A copy of your current church card must be received in the office before the membership application may be given out.

  3. An application may be obtained through the Lily Dale Assembly office, mail, or website.

  4. The application must be filled out and returned to the Lily Dale Assembly office with the appropriate fees: $175.00 application fee + $75.00 first year’s dues = $250.00.

  5. It is your responsibility to provide all of the required information and letters of reference with your application. Family members cannot be accepted as references or recommendations.

  6. You then need to make an appointment with the Lily Dale Assembly office, during normal business hours, to read the Rules and Regulations and the Bylaws. Please allow at least one hour to read this information.

  7. Next you request to meet with the Lily Dale Board of Directors to discuss your intentions and interest in becoming a Lily Dale Assembly Member.

  8. You will be notified promptly of the Lily Dale Assembly Board of Director’s decision regarding your acceptance.

Houses for Sale


14 Cleveland Avenue



Ken McHugh







Two-story Victorian home with beautiful view of the lake. Enclosed wrap-around porch with heat. Totally renovated including windows, roof, upgraded electrical, gas furnace, hardwood floors and kitchen.

Attached Garage
4-zone hot water baseboard heat
Double-pane windows
Well insulated home
Living Room
Great Room with pool table
Dining Room
Eat-in Kitchen
Stacked washer/dryer
Large storage attic


6 South Street



Simon Caudullo







This home is located at 6 South Street with public parking across the street. It is an ideal location for the medium. On the first floor there is a front porch used as a waiting room for clients and it opens to a large office/reading room with bath. The room earlier was used as a downstairs bedroom with bath and could be again.

The kitchen has a door that opens to a large deck, and the living room has a slider that opens to the same deck.

Upstairs there are 3 bedrooms with a large bathroom. There is an attic that is unfinished, but is standing room height, good storage.

Property Characteristics:
Large outside deck
Double parking for 2 cars
Large living room
Double pane windows
Updated wiring
Updated plumbing
Well insulated home
Front porch / reading room
reading room separate from home
Public parking across the street

23 Third Street



Keith Burridge







Selling our cozy Lily Dale home in preparation for retirement. She was built in 1905 and overlooks the Labyrinth and Lyceum. During the summer season, this corner is by far the busiest area in the Dale. Everyone that comes here for special events has to walk past us to go to the auditorium. The house has been completely rewired, replumbed, insulated, and now heated with hot water heat. It has two bedrooms, one and a half baths, and a large private second story deck.


17 Cleveland Avenue



Jessie Furst







Year round accommodations or private home on the lake.
Guest House: a separate entrance vestibule; 6 bedrooms & dining area with many amenities 2 separate showers and 2 separate bathrooms

Personal Living Space Area:

large wrap around deck,
large kitchen-dining room,
utility room, basement & separate spare room
large front room,
office and reading room with back wrap around deck,

Large bedroom 13 X 20 with 7-foot window overlooking the lake
full bath, closet & walk-in closet
2 car garage “Home Performance Energy Star” 3500 square feet. The owner may be willing to hold the mortgage.

Price includes grandfathered guest house business. Insured for $429,000.00. Might be willing to hold mortgage.


1 Marion Street









Additional contact: (716) 366-0749

Lily Dale is open with requirements. Click here for details.
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5 Melrose Park, PO Box 248, Lily Dale, NY 14752 | info@lilydaleassembly.org | (716) 595-8721

LDA is a registered non-profit 501(c)3 Religious Organization in New York State.